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  • Fee at time of admission is payable by cash, cheque (if deposited in bank) should have the receipt.
  • The name of your ward, with class, section and admission number/registration number should be written at the back of the receipt.
  • Students using the bus service must ensure that the correct amount of transport has been deposit in the fee.
  • Fee is charged quarterly for every student.
  • Parents are supported to deposit quarterly fee on 1st April, 1st July, 1at October and 1st January in the year.
  • No student will be allowed to sit for the First term or the II Term examination unless all School bills have been cleared.
  • No concession is allowed when more than one child from a family is studying in the school.
  • Certificates will be withheld from pupils who have arrears of fee. Fee for the vacation months are realised in advance.
  • Once the admission and annual fee have been paid that will not be refunded even if the pupils is withdrawn.
  • Parents and guardian will kindly save the receipt issued to them and produce them in proof of payment of fee, if needed.
SBRS Gurukul Principal