On completion of the fourth session of academic excellence, it gives me immense satisfaction & pleasure that SBRS GURUKUL has already carved a niche for itself in a short span not only in the field of academics but also in co-curricular, cultural as well as sports activities. SBRS Gurukul is a place where unity in diversity is preached. In the very first few years SBRS GURUKUL, has earned a reputation and credibility that takes decades for other educational institutes to establish. SBRS GURUKUL is still in its growing stage. Management committee, Teaching faculty, the administrative staff and the students have formed a complete team that has set the traditions and culture of SBRS GURUKUL. I am sure that the future intakes will not only live up to those traditions of the Gurukul but also excel in every field to achieve their set goals. We are committed to make SBRS GURUKUL a place “where the mind is without fear and the head is held high”.


SBRS Gurukul hostel is a real, beautiful “home away from home”. Parental care is given to each and every student. The residential staff acts as mentors, guides, torch bearers for the boarders. All round holistic development of the students is monitored cautiously. The boarding house is well equipped with its own lounge, study hall, sick bay and indoor recreational centre.


    After school hours students are encouraged to participate in recreational activities. Special ‘Hostel Evenings’ provide a chance to the students to showcase their talent in dramatics, dance, music, singing and various aspects of stage management.


    The residential staff takes a personal interest in each boarder’s progress by guiding, advising and encouraging them as required. Evening remedial classes are conducted under the supervision of teachers who assist in completion of homework and problem solving. Academic support is provided to weak and gifted students. A major thrust is to empower students to undertake teacher assisted independent learning habits. The school follows afternoon and late evening prep for the boarders to ensure that follow up of studies is done after the school timing. The boarders undergo guided prep for one and a half hours in the night where the teacher present provides academic support in the specified subject.


    The school has a well established support system for children that include laundry, haircutting, tailoring, shoe mending, lock smiths, electrician and carpenters and plumber. The barber is provided once every month. Students are not allowed to have long hair. Maids have been provided to the junior students for assisting in bathing and washing their undergarments. The Sikh boys and girls are helped during weekly head bath and daily maintenance of their hair. The hostel laundry house is monitored by the hostel attendant. The boarders follow the laundry schedule .Laundry of class 1-V is handled by the hostel attendant and the seniors boarders are expected to carry out laundry transaction as per the schedule.


    The school runs a Students Health and Medical Centre under the supervision of a qualified doctor for providing facilities of medical check-up and treatment to the students. Regular talks and orientations are also held for the children on various health and hygiene related issues. The school SHMC has a tie-up with a nearby private hospital in case of emergencies. Records of individual growth parameters like height, weight, etc. are regularly communicated to parents. In case of hospitalization the bills are remitted to the parents. For any sickness if the school has to consult a specialized doctor beyond its school doctors, the parents will be informed. The parents have to submit a medical certificate and also inform the school SHMC of any medication the child was under at the time of admission or when the student reports to school after the vacation.


    The school boarding house has a kitchen, which serves menu of vegetarian dishes. Best qualities of branded ration items are used in the kitchen. Vegetables are used from the School organic vegetable farm. Branded milk products are used. Teachers on duty at the dining hall guide students about table etiquettes and manners..


    First Sunday of each month is reserved for the birthday celebration for the boarders whose birthday falls in that month. The Housemaster organizes the celebration to make it a moment of treasure.


    The parents are allowed to call their wards on the specified days at the specified time .Phone calls beyond the specified time are not put through to their wards. Boarders are allowed to send E-Mail once every fortnight. However a fresher is denied this for the first month after they are admitted. Even phone calls are barred for the newcomer boarders for the first initial month. The new admitted boarders/day scholars are referred as FRESHERS.


    Games & sport at SBRS GURUKUL are a unique and enjoyable experience. There is a distinct professional touch and emphasis on the value of sports activities as well as the importance of physical fitness in the student’s life that makes it an integral part of his / her development. Exclusive facilities are available for all indoors and out door games. Huge lush green playgrounds for Football, Hockey and Athletics, Soft tennis, are some extra charm for the players. School provides the net practice for Cricket in turf wickets. School has in-house arrangement for almost all the Indoor games like Table tennis, Chess, Carom etc.


    The School has a full-length standard size of swimming pool and a separate small pool for tiny tot learners. It is equipped with modern filtration plant. Swimming is compulsory for all the students. Separate trained experienced coaches and care takers are there for Boys and Girls. School has received many times good laurels in the divisional and state level tournaments.


    The School promotes and encourages students compulsorily to participate in adventure sports like horse riding. School provides an exclusive facility of horse riding to the students in the horse riding School. Horse riding has become a favorite sport among most of the boarders. The school has well trained horses. The horse riding school is looked after by a qualified horse Riding Instructor from the defense forces.